Winter riding

Don’t forget to ride in the winter.

When the dense grey clouds hide smiles in the Pacific Northwest like cotton candy gone bad, most patrons of the sport are seemingly forced to retire their shred sleds.  In place of finding mud in the corners of eyes on Monday mornings, many riders hope to maintain a glimmer of stoke though consumption of winter shreddits on the never ending feeds of pinkbike and VitalMTB and hope to connect with their loved bikes by searching for shiny bits on ebay. Mountain bikes are not reserved for sunny days and epic adventures. They can be equally inspiring in the most bummer riding season: winter. 

Don’t worry about going on a long ride. Just getting to the trail with the bike is the accomplishment.  

Before the ride stop at the local market and grab 6 tall cans; bring 1-2 in your bag. These refreshments will offer mid ride respite and excuses for not hammering that last climb.   (i.e., I would have, but I had that beer)

Bring friends. You’re going to need somebody to drink those other beers.

The rides are shorter so bring your dog. Don’t have a dog? Get one. Dogs are the best excuse to get outside in the winter.

Find new trails. Ride someplace different. The winter has stolen all your skills anyway. Might as well try to get them back stumbling along a new trail.

Don’t be afraid of the snow. It makes the crash landing that much softer.

Lastly, concentrate on getting high-fives not on getting fitness.